July 2016 – Cave Calendar of Curiosities

Why hello there, July!

Whether you’re wanting to get crafty, experience a bit of culture or just have a good laugh, this month Welly is packed with all sorts of activities!

School hol’s are coming up too, so don’t forget to check out some fabulous kids theatre shows!

Warm yourselves up at the the Alliance Francaise’s Bastille Masked Ball on the 16th, and grab a 10% discount with us when you spend $25 or more per person per costume.

We’re also looking forward to the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever – why not get all

Kate Bushed-up and join the fun! One event that you just can’t miss is The Lola Show at Fringe bar – this will be glamorous, hilarious, and fabulous – we just can’t wait!

Keep cozzy, and keep costuming – enjoy July xxx

July Cave Calendar of Curiosities