Baroque/Rococo, Georgian/Regency


Having trouble deciding on a character or style of period costume?

Here are a selection of ideas.




BAROQUE (early 1600s – circa 1750) and Rococo (late Baroque 1730 – circa 1770) 17th – 18th century



Fairytales (Cinderella)

The Crucible

The Man in the Iron Mask

Rob Roy

Don Quixote

The Three Musketeers


Galileo Galile

Marie Antoinette

Louis XVI

Baroque Musicians (Vivaldi, Bach)

Baroque Artists (Vermeer, Rembrandt)

The Princess Bride (and friends)


Georgian (1714 – circa 1837) and Regency (sub-era 1795 – 1837)

Anything Jane Austen!

  • Pride and Prejudice 

  • Emma 

  • Sense and Sensibility 



Wuthering Heights

Napoleon and Josephine



Hans Christian Anderson stories (The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid)

One of the King Georges!

Robert Burns

William Wordsworth

…and many more!