Sponsorships and Discounts

Please email or call the shop to ask about our discounts for large groups and events

Theatre and Film Rates

We offer our special rates for theatre and film groups. Some items incur a dry cleaning cost. Please feel free to ask the price of this when you hire. Theatre and Film rates are charged at full price for the first week, then half price per week thereafter.


$10 per large items, such as jackets, dresses and trousers

$5 per small items, such as hats, shoes and shirts

We offer a 24 hour appro service. A longer period can be organised in advance if required.

If more than 10 items are taken, and none are hired, there will be a service charge. If costumes are not needed please let us know as soon as possible, if bookings are cancelled without notification there will be a 25% service fee.

Need Sponsorship?

We are happy to look over all proposals. Please be aware that although we do love to help we do require that you tag us in photos ( we love this! ), and our logo or name be present on your social media pages or advertisements linked to your event. Please supply the following information:


Please bear in mind spots are limited, so don’t be offended if we can’t help at this time.
Applications must be made in writing at least three weeks before required.